Discerning That Your Vehicle Requires Wheel Alignment

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Discerning That Your Vehicle Requires Wheel Alignment

8 May 2017
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With the vast array of maintenance measures cars require to stay in optimum condition, you will find that motorists will opt to have them all carried out during their vehicle's scheduled car servicing. This option is well and good if your car does not develop mechanical problems in between, but will not the best course of action if you start to notice the vehicle's performance is declining way before it is due a service. One of the most important maintenance aspects that should never be put off until the next service is wheel alignment. The moment your vehicle starts to show the signs that its tyres are off kilter, it is prudent to have them aligned at your nearest convenience. So how do you discern whether your vehicle requires wheel alignment?

Your steering wheel does not stay centred

Your steering wheel will move around depending on the terrain that you are driving on. However, if you are driving on a straight and level road but find that the steering wheel is still not centred, there could be an underlying problem with your wheel alignment. Overall, when driving down a flat road, the wheel should appear to be level with the emblem in the middle staying centred. If the steering wheel looks off centre by several degrees on either side, it would be best to take your vehicle to a mechanic and have the wheels aligned.

Your vehicle is pulling to the side of the road

Another telltale sign that your vehicle could use some wheel alignment is if it starts to pull to the side of the road on its accord. In the beginning, this may seem like a minor inconvenience, and some motorists assume they will simply increase their effort in keeping the vehicle on the right course. However, if left unchecked, you gradually lose control of your car, making your vehicle a potential hazard on the roads. It would be prudent to seek wheel alignment to improve the drivability of your vehicle as well as ensure that you are not at risk when on the road.

Your vehicle's tyres show signs of uneven wear

Although tyres will wear down eventually, the mileage your vehicle covers usually dictate the rate at which this happens. If your vehicle is at optimum driving performance, you will find that your tyres are wearing evenly and at a steady pace. The moment you start to see signs of uneven wear on your tyres, you should have cause for concern. In some cases, the problem may stem from improper tyre pressure or a compromised suspension, but this uneven wear is also a sign of alignment problems with your vehicle.