Does Your Vehicle's Carburettor Need Some Cleaning or Replacing?

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Does Your Vehicle's Carburettor Need Some Cleaning or Replacing?

8 May 2017
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Although owning a vehicle offers you utmost convenience in terms of mobility, it also does come with a great deal of responsibility. With the numerous components that your vehicle is made up of, there is always the chance of something malfunctioning. The risk of this becomes higher if you are not keen about noticing the signs or if you do not take your vehicle for regular servicing at a car repair place. If you are a newbie car owner, chances are you are not familiar with what to be wary about when it comes to car problems. One of the crucial components of your vehicle is the carburettor as it is tasked with mixing air and fuel in appropriate amounts to ensure that combustion occurs in the engine. Over time, the carburettor will require thorough cleaning since it is steadily exposed to dirt and impurities. So how do you know if your carburettor requires cleaning or replacement?

Your engine has started to misfire

One of the symptoms of a compromised carburettor is when your engine begins to misfire spontaneously. In this case, it could imply that the carburettor has become clogged, which impedes its ability to create an adequate mixture of air and fuel. If the engine is not burning all the fuel, the engine's cylinder will begin to malfunction. This malfunction will translate into a loss of power in the engine, which causes your vehicle to start jerking. You may also find that the engine starts to make weird noises whenever you turn it on. If you are experiencing these symptoms, it is advisable to stop driving your car and take a look at the carburettor to determine if it is in dire need of cleaning.

Your engine is having trouble starting

Engine failure is something that you will experience at one time or another. The reason for this is that there is a broad range of reasons why your engine may develop problem starting. Although engine failure will commonly stem from a dead battery, you may also experience this issue if your carburettor has become compromised. If the carburettor has accumulated dirt, the air and fuel mixture that it creates will be unable to pass through it and make its way to the engine. As such, the engine will not be receiving the compounds it needs to create energy. In some cases, the debris in the carburettor may have built up for such a long time that the component acquires irrevocable damage. It would be prudent to call a mechanic to determine whether you can have the carburettor cleaned or if it would require replacement.