Understand These Terms to Buy and Maintain Your Vehicle's Tyres

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Understand These Terms to Buy and Maintain Your Vehicle's Tyres

8 May 2017
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When you're ready to buy new tyres for your car or truck, it's good to know a little bit about what you're getting. Tyres may all look alike to you, but there are more details to tyres like Deegan 38 tyres than you may realise; understanding some of those details can help you make the best buying decision. You also want to know how to best maintain those tyres over the years. Note a few terms to learn and understand before you buy tyres so you know you get the best ones for your vehicle and are sure to then maintain them properly.


Rotation refers to moving tyres of the vehicle to new spots so that they wear more evenly. Unless you buy four new tyres, it's usually recommended that you include a rotation every time you have new tyres installed. Rotating tyres periodically can also prolong their overall tread life.

However, don't assume you can do this rotation on your own; a professional tyre installer should examine the wear pattern on the tyres and note the best new position for them. If they're a bit more worn on the outside, they might be switched from the driver's side to the passenger side, and vice versa. If they're worn down the middle, they might be switched from front to back but stay on the same side of the car. Whatever the need, a tyre professional should determine the best way to rotate the tyres for maximum tread life and wear.


M&S refers to mud and snow. You may see this notation on the outside of a tyre, and it signifies that the tyre has the proper tread depth and thickness of rubber to be legally considered all-season or snow tyres. Don't assume you can drive any tyre in the snow, but always look for the M&S symbol first.


Studs are metal or plastic pieces that are actually inserted into the tread of a tyre, to give it more traction in snow, ice, sand and mud. Studs work like tyre chains but are a permanent part of the tyre, making them more convenient than chains.

Buying studded tyres can mean less risk of getting stuck in snow and other unsafe driving conditions, and they can also increase the life of the tyre since the rubber won't be making as much contact with the road to help pull the car out of such surfaces. However, note that the studs may need to be replaced over time, adding to the cost of those tyres.