Where to Go for Your First Caravan Holiday

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Where to Go for Your First Caravan Holiday

12 July 2016
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You have taken the plunge and bought your first caravan. You have exciting times ahead and are figuring out where you should first go as you heed the call of the wild. There is one place above all that should be on the top of your list, for your first adventure.

The Beautiful Barossa Valley

One of the best destinations in Australia for caravan owners is situated less than 100 km to the north-east of Adelaide. It's a very welcoming destination when it comes to caravan owners and you will find the people to be very friendly. In addition, it's a place that you can use as a base as you explore all of the attractions in the region.

If you happen to be a wine lover, you are in luck here. There are a large number of different wineries to visit and in fact, Barossa has been compared in overall industry importance to the wold famous Napa Valley in California. This is at least in part to do with the perfect year-round climate.

What's Nearby?

In between your visits to the numerous wineries, take your time to explore some of the other destinations in the area. If you love to watch birds, travel to the nearby conservation park in Warren. From up here you will be able to look down over the Barossa Valley and see just how beautiful it is. Moving further into the Highlands you will come across an area that's well known for its stretches of forest, massive granite outcrops, and wandering streams. This is the Kaiserstuhl Conservation Park.

If you like those imposing views, then you should next head to the Barossa Reservoir. Here you will find the Whispering Wall. It is said that people can hear what you whisper beneath your breath several hundred metres away, so be careful!

If you are an arts and crafts lover, there is plenty for you to see here too. For something a little more relaxing, take an afternoon to explore a couple of the numerous galleries that await you.

Take a step back in time by wandering through the various trails that make up the Barossa Goldfields. You can imagine the thousands of gold diggers flocking here back in the gold rush, eager to make their fortune.

Setting Up Camp

This entire area is served well by nicely appointed caravan parks. One of these parks should be your "base camp" as you plan how to make the best use of your trip to Barossa.