Opt For PDR When Dealing With Accident Repairs

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Opt For PDR When Dealing With Accident Repairs

19 July 2016
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Getting involved in an accident is something most motorists will dread. This is because it typically means having to engage in costly accident repairs on your vehicle. However, not many motorists know the options available to them when they have acquired dings on their vehicle. Typically, motorists tend to opt for panel beating and repainting in order to eliminate the signs of dents of their vehicle. If you are looking for an economical option for your accident repairs, you should consider PDR. PDR stands for Paintless Dent Removal. As the name suggests, this process does not involve any repainting of the body of your vehicle. You should keep in mind though that not all accident repairs can be handled using PDR. This is typically exclusive to incidences where the paintwork of your vehicle's body has not been affected by the accident. So why should you opt for PDR when dealing with accident repairs? 

PDR is a time and cost effective process

Most motorists would not like to be inconvenienced by having to give up their vehicle for several days as it is being worked on at the smash repair shop. However, this is typically the case when you consider the different processes that go into panel beating a vehicle. Not only would the mechanic have to sand your automobile, but they would also have to repaint it and wait for the fresh coat of paint to cure before they can release your vehicle. These different processes are not only time consuming, but they also can cost a pretty penny due to the labour intensive process and the various products used. 

With Paintless Dent Removal, you are more likely to have access to your vehicle in a shorter time. This is because all the mechanic has to do is restore the body of your vehicle back to its original shape. As long as the seal of the paintwork has not broken, your vehicle can be ready as soon as possible. 

PDR maintains the value of your vehicle

Typically, the resale value of an automobile gradually depreciates over time. This depreciation becomes significantly more drastic when there are signs of damage to the body of the vehicle. When you opt to repaint your vehicle during accident repairs, there is a chance of the shade of colours mismatching slightly from the original manufacturer's paintwork. These mismatches can be glaring to someone who is conserving purchasing your vehicle. If you would like to fetch a good resale price for your car, you should opt for PDR as it retains the car's original finish.