Things to Keep In Mind When Considering Purchasing a Caravan

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Things to Keep In Mind When Considering Purchasing a Caravan

29 July 2016
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If you are looking for a way to make holidaying more affordable to you and your family, then you should consider caravan sales. Caravans not only give you the chance of getting on the open road and exploring your country, but they also ensure that you are not breaking the bank to provide accommodation during your travels. The different models come with various amenities so you can be assured you would find a caravan that is suited to your needs. However, a mistake newbie caravan buyers make is simply select the cheapest or most affordable caravan that they come across. The truth is there are a number of considerations you should have when contemplating caravan sales. So what are some of the things you should keep in mind when purchasing a caravan? 

Consider the weight of the caravan

The weight of the caravan you choose will have a significant impact as it will typically depend on the towing capacity of the vehicle you will use. If the caravan is too heavy, you will not be able to get on the open road in the first place. As such, before seeking out caravan sales, you first need to establish that the towing weight of your vehicle. Once you have this estimate, you should then consider caravan that will fall below this towing capacity.

This is because you would have to factor in the weight of amenities that would be in the vehicle such as cooking stoves or even passengers while you are towing it. 

Consider the shape of the caravan

Once you have narrowed down you caravan options based on the towing limit of your vehicle, you should then consider the shapes of the different caravans available to you. In years past, caravans were designed square in shape. However, what this type of form does in increase the amount of drag that your vehicle is subjected to. Increased drag will in turn cause decreased fuel deficiency in your towing vehicle, which leads to a spike in fuel consumption. If you would like to keep your fuel economy low, you should consider opting for a streamlined design for your caravan. Curved caravans will have decreased drag; therefore, will not have a significantly negative impact on your towing vehicle's fuel efficiency. 

Consider the size of the caravan 

Some people assume that getting the biggest caravan available ensures that they will have comfortable living quarters within the caravan. While this may be true, larger caravans also come with their own set of concerns. This is because they tend to be more difficult to maneuver on the roads and are harder to park. If you would prefer fuss-free handling and maneuvering, then you should consider a medium to small sized caravan.