Extra Safety Tips for New Machinery Transport Drivers

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Extra Safety Tips for New Machinery Transport Drivers

8 May 2017
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As a new driver operating vehicles used to transport heavy machinery such as forklifts, there are certain safety precautions that you are probably taught in training school. Nonetheless, some measures are not as straightforward as one might think. For example, you cannot afford to ignore the dangers involved in machinery transport by only securing the load on your truck using straps. This article provides a few subtle safety tips that will ensure both your safety and that of your load.

Avoid Bumps or Uneven Ground -- Machinery loads vary in size and can weigh several tons. Due to this fact, relying on cord fasteners is not enough. A good alternative for a new driver for adding extra safety to the load is to avoid bumps. However, since it is near impossible to avoid bumps completely, you can try as much as possible to avoid roads with too many bumps. For instance, if you are assigned to pick up heavy machinery, you should first do your research of the roads leading to the area. It will help you know which road is safe concerning the number of bumps. You should also avoid driving on overly uneven grounds, as they pose a danger to you and the load. For example, driving on the road with so many rocks will force your truck to tilt in different directions, thereby loosening the securing cords gradually.

Make Slow Turns -- Your first transport assignment can be very exciting. However, while getting excited is not a bad thing, you should never let it get to your head, as you may end up making bad decisions such as taking turns at high speeds. Therefore, as you approach a corner, ensure that you reduce your speed to minimize the chances of the load tipping over and causing an accident. For example, when you are transporting a forklift, its center of gravity is raised, thereby making it susceptible to leaning onto one side.

Carry Extra Securing Cords -- Extra fastening materials can be the difference between arriving safely and getting involved in an accident. You might inspect the fastening equipment before you begin the transportation of your load, but along the way, these cords may loosen or break off for various reasons such as weather elements. For example, if you are transporting cargo in the rain, the high chances are that the load will keep on moving about, thereby weakening the grip of the fasteners. With time, a cord might break and require replacement. As such, instead of continuing such a journey with one less strap, carry a few extra securing cables for emergency cases.