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Welcome to my blog! My name is Adrian and I would like to write a series of articles offering you my latest advice about how to get the best deal on your next auto purchase. I am not a professional auto dealer but I have many years experience of negotiating with used car dealers, auto accessories suppliers and auto parts salesmen. I learnt all these skills from my older brother who works in the auto trade. I want you to get the best deal that you can, so I decided to start this blog. I hope you enjoy it and find it useful.


Are You Finding It Hard To Operate Your Castor Wheeled Gate? Here Are Three Common Reasons

22 May 2017
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Castor wheeled gates have become a standard feature in most homes. Homeowners prefer them for various reasons with the major one being the ease of operating them. Additionally, wheeled gates are recommended ergonomically especially if you have a manual gate that needs a dedicated person to manage. However, only fixing castor wheels on gates will not guarantee smooth operation for one reason or another. There will be moments when the gate will feel hard to pull or push. Read More …

Discerning That Your Vehicle Requires Wheel Alignment

8 May 2017
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With the vast array of maintenance measures cars require to stay in optimum condition, you will find that motorists will opt to have them all carried out during their vehicle's scheduled car servicing. This option is well and good if your car does not develop mechanical problems in between, but will not the best course of action if you start to notice the vehicle's performance is declining way before it is due a service. Read More …

Extra Safety Tips for New Machinery Transport Drivers

8 May 2017
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As a new driver operating vehicles used to transport heavy machinery such as forklifts, there are certain safety precautions that you are probably taught in training school. Nonetheless, some measures are not as straightforward as one might think. For example, you cannot afford to ignore the dangers involved in machinery transport by only securing the load on your truck using straps. This article provides a few subtle safety tips that will ensure both your safety and that of your load. Read More …

Opt For PDR When Dealing With Accident Repairs

19 July 2016
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Getting involved in an accident is something most motorists will dread. This is because it typically means having to engage in costly accident repairs on your vehicle. However, not many motorists know the options available to them when they have acquired dings on their vehicle. Typically, motorists tend to opt for panel beating and repainting in order to eliminate the signs of dents of their vehicle. If you are looking for an economical option for your accident repairs, you should consider PDR. Read More …

Guide to repairing a differential

5 July 2016
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Your car's differential is the system responsible for dividing the engine's torque, allowing each of the outputs to spin at different speeds. There are three types of differentials: all-wheel drive, front-wheel drive, and rear-wheel drive. The wheels of your vehicle may sometimes move different distances and even spin with different speeds, which is exactly why a system is needed that can allow each individual wheel to spin at different speeds. This device also provides the reduction of the final gear, which slows the transmission's rotation speed before it is transferred to the wheels. Read More …